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Jesper Saltvik Pedersen took his third World Cup gold

Jesper Saltvik Pedersen (22) won superbly in slalom and took his third alpine gold in the para-WC at home.

ALPINE HERO: Jesper Saltvik Pedersen.

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From before, he has won both downhill and giant slalom.

– It’s sick cool to fulfill at home, he says to NRK.

– It is a fantastic result, but there are some places I could have shot more speed, he continued self-critically.

Before the final round, the Karmøy guy led by 1.14 seconds on French Victor Pierrel in the class for seated athletes. It was another four hundredths to three Jeroen Kampschreur, the Dutchman he may have feared most before the final – but he drove out. Pierrel took the silver.

– It was a pity that Jeroen drove out, says Jesper Saltvik Pedersen.

In addition to the gold medals, he also has silver in the super-G and the super combination. Five medals out of five possible. Parallel slalom remains for Pedersen in the WC.

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In March, the Paralympics in China await Norway’s alpine hero. There he poses in all five exercises. He took one gold medal and one bronze in the Paralympics in 2018.

Jesper Saltvik Pedersen comes from Karmøy, but has now moved to Oslo to study political science and train at the Olympic summit.

He was born with spina bifida and is paralyzed from the waist down. Jesper got his first wheelchair before he was one year old, but he has still had a very active life. He has – in addition to alpine skiing – played handball, football and athletics.

Jesper Saltvik Pedersen has received his share of the credit for the cash prizes in the para-WC in Lillehammer and in Hafjell. He received a cheese as a prize in a World Cup race last winter, and put this cheese up for sale to mark that the conditions for para-athletes are quite different than for the able-bodied. Para-VM 2022 has cash prizes for the top three in all exercises:

1st place: 800 euros (approx. 8000 kroner).

2nd place: 400 euros (approx. 4000 kroner).

3rd place: 300 euros (approx. 3000 kroner).

The World Cup was originally supposed to have taken place last winter, but was postponed as a result of the corona. It is the largest event in Norway for pair athletes since the Paralympics in 1994.

PS: Austrian Johannes Aigner won the class for the visually impaired. Arthur Bauchet from France won standing where Norwegian Marcus Grasto Nilsson was number 21.


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