Saturday, May 21

NBA CORNER: Frank Vogel and the Lakers, the Miami bench, two nuggets in Portland, and Kevin Love

The NBA Corner podcast looks at the crisis that the Los Angeles Lakers are once again going through after Frank Vogel’s decision to leave Russell Westbrook on the bench at the end of the lost game against the Pacers.

That same Frank Vogel is under threat of losing his job, a dismissal that – if it happens – will not solve the many problems facing LeBron James’ team, which is eagerly awaiting the return of Anthony Davis from injury in the workforce. Josh and Charles take stock of the situation, and discuss the possible solutions available to the Lakers to save a nightmarish season.

The conversation then moves on to Miami, and their ability to relaunch the careers of unknown and/or forgotten players. At the Blazers, the disappointments of the start of the season are softened by the emergence of two young talents, Anfernee Simons and Nassir Little, while in Cleveland, Kevin Love breathes new life into his career off the bench. A substitute role in which he excels, to the point of reconnecting with his production of his best years in the league.

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