Sunday, May 22

Presidential election 2022: Gilbert Collard, MEP for the National Rally, joins Éric Zemmour

Gilbert Collard, MEP for the National Rally, will join Éric Zemmour’s campaign.

Yet faithful to Marine Le Pen for ten years, Gilbert Collard will be present this Saturday at the meeting of Éric Zemmour in Cannes, according to information from CNEWS. This rallying must be formalized during the meeting at the Palais des Victoires.

In his weekly press review this Friday, the former lawyer implied following in the footsteps of Jérôme Rivière, who had also announced that he was leaving Marine Le Pen’s party to join Éric Zemmour, without saying anything.

He thus joins the list of right-wing or far-right elected officials to join the former polemicist, with Damien Rieu or Guillaume Peltier.

Defectors on whom the Reconquest party plays! who tweeted during the day: “In your opinion, who will be the next political figure to join Éric Zemmour? # UnionDesDroites2022”.

When announcing his rallying to Éric Zemmour, Jérôme Rivière had also said that other elected members of the National Rally could follow him. Asked about his departure, Marine Le Pen replied that he had “zero impact” for his party.

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