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The Swedish Olympic favorite: Do not have faith in Norway

Maja Dahlqvist (27) is the biggest name ahead of the Olympic sprint. She thinks she gets more competition from her own teammates than from the Norwegian sprinters.

CELEBRATION: Swedish Maja Dahlqvist won the sprint in Dresden just before Christmas last year. Then Kristine Stavås Skistad became the best Norwegian in 4th place.

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Maja Dahlqvist is high up. She has four individual World Cup victories in sprint this season. Now she is at the Olympic precamp in the heights in Italy. The 27-year-old believes there are several reasons why they have taken the sprint dominance from Norway.

– We have such a high level all the time. We constantly challenge each other. We have a really good highest level, says Dahlqvist to VG.

She sends a little sting to Norway, which she calls underdogs.

– If they had known why in Norway, they would not have followed either, says Dahlqvist.

Dahlqvist and best friend Frida Karlsson get a fit of laughter:

Dahlqvist, who won World Cup gold in team sprint last winter, is crystal clear in the verdict against the Norwegian sprinters.

– I think I have the biggest competitors in the team. And I think that’s very cool. Beforehand, there are many who have talked about me and Jonna (Sundling) being the big favorites. I think it’s nice in a team, that you can share the favorite stamp, Dahlqvist says to Dagbladet at the digital press conference, where VG has had seven short minutes together with five other media.

Jonna Sundling became sprint world champion last winter, and took World Cup gold together with Dahlqvist in the team sprint. IN Davos was the Norwegian failure in the sprint, just two on to the semifinals. Tiril Udnes Weng reached the final and was number five, Mathilde Myhrvold was number ten.

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Maiken Caspersen Falla became Olympic champion in sprint in 2014 and number two four years later. She became sprint world champion in 2017 and 2019, but Norway’s sprint queen has struggled with form this season.

Before the World Cup last year, Falla settled with a negative attitude towards sprint runners:

Well, Maja Dahlqvist thinks that Tiril Udnes Weng is the strongest underdog. Udnes Weng took his first individual podium place in the World Cup when she finished third in the sprint in Lillehammer in December.

– What Tiril showed in Lillehammer was good, and I think the trails are a bit reminiscent of the Olympics and the strengths you should have, says Dahlqvist.

Dahlqvist’s recipe for success in Beijing is not to think so much, just do what she usually does. Then she often wins.

Mathilde Myhrvold came second in the sprint in Lenzerheide during the Tour de Ski, when her sister screamed so loud at home that the police came to the door. Myhrvold thus took the last Olympic place in the sprint in Beijing.

The Olympic sprint will take place in free technique on Tuesday 8 February.

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