Sunday, May 22

Vannes: an 18-year-old appears for the theft of 31 cars, one of his accomplices still wanted

A colossal booty for this infernal trio. An 18-year-old from the city of Vannes, in Morbihan (Brittany), must appear before the judge this Friday, January 21, for having stolen no less than 31 cars since May. With him, two minor accomplices are 15 and 17 years old.

“They moved with these vehicles and then changed them when they had had enough,” explained an investigator to the Telegram, who reports that the three young boys were already known to the police for acts of damage to property.

After having spent several months without being arrested, it was finally during December that the Vannes police went back on their trail, when they noticed that several stolen cars had been found in the Ménimur district, and placed it under close surveillance.

Arrested on January 3 and then on January 19

On January 3, a car stolen in Surzur (about fifteen kilometers from Vannes) was located in the parking lot of a hostel for young workers in Ménimur. It was then that the police spotted the three young people, who fled at the sight of the police.

Arrested and arrested, they are then placed in police custody before being released. Two of them, aged 17 and 18, were arrested again on January 19. The third, a 15-year-old boy who left the area, is now wanted.

In total, the two accomplices confess the theft of 31 vehicles in Vannes but also in the whole department of Morbihan since May 2021. Their declarations made it possible to find 28 of them, some of which were damaged.

But that’s not all because the police also charge the trio with 17 thefts from the trailer committed in other cars. If the only major of the band must answer for his actions this Friday, before the judicial court of Vannes, the 17-year-old minor will appear, meanwhile, before the juvenile justice.

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