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Bergerud gets criticism for PSG-no: – I am confident in the election

BRATISLAVA (VG) Torbjørn Bergerud (27) could take over Paris this summer. But instead of the world metropolis, he has chosen one year in Denmark before he will play for Kolstad from the summer. Ex-captain Bjarte Myrhol is critical.

NEW WIN: Torbjørn Bergerud cheers for the victory together with Sebastian Barthold.

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The national team goalkeeper himself confirmed the PSG refusal to TV 3 before the settlement with Germany.

– For many it is probably strange. But I am confident of the election, says Bergerud after refusing a future in Paris St. Germain.

Myrhol was a guest in the TV3 studio on Friday. He thinks Bergerud’s choice is wrong.

– I do not agree with that. To say no to PSG I think is a big mistake. Sorry. Imagine being able to live in Paris and be part of that team further, says Bjarte Myrhol.

He was supported by expert Joachim Boldsen, while Ole Erevik from the arena in Slovakia showed greater understanding of his former goalkeeper colleague’s choice.

So does Christian Berge.

– Of course I have respect for the choice. You have to thrive next to the track to be able to perform. But of course I do not know exactly what it would be like in France, says the national team manager.

On Friday, Bergerud saved 11 balls and had a good match when Norway put Germany in place with five goals.

– You feel that it is still right after five months?

– Yes. In short, Bergerud answers.

– Why?

– It is a decision that I made and stand by. Nothing to regret. With all that happened around this, I feel confident in the choice. The total package to Paris was not something that tempted me in the end, explains Bergerud who went from Flensburg to GOG before this season.

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The Fyn club comes from the town of Gudme with 911 inhabitants. Paris is home to over 21 million people. This summer, the goalkeeper will instead go to Trondheim, which is also the hometown of his girlfriend Karoline Dahl.

There he definitely gets a good salary from hard-working Kolstad.

– Kolstad did not have much to do with the Paris election, says Bergerud who first decided on a Trøndelag future this autumn.

Middle East-funded PSG have the same owners as the football club and are known for paying their stars well. NTB wrote four years ago that the legend Nikola Karabatic already had 13 million kroner in annual salary.

– Do you say no to a lot of money when you do not go to PSG?

– You can be allowed to speculate about that. That is not the case, Bergerud answers after the victory over Germany.

Already after 13 minutes he got a shot in the head by Paul Drux. Bergerud had to face Russia last Saturday due to a similar bang in the European Championship opening.

– It hit well, but luckily hit the ball straight from the front. It handles the head a little better than if it hits the side. It went better this time. I got a little headache right away, but it passed quickly. It was nice to get a confirmation that the head is a bit in place again, he explains after 11 saves in the match.

– The defensive game was absolutely fantastic. The boys fought and fought fiercely out there. It goes without saying that we have made a good defensive effort when we concede only 23 against Germany, Torbjørn Bergerud believes.

He received a greeting from his mother Jette in the previous European Championships:

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