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British Ryding (35) won – Braathen in 2nd place

Sebastian Foss-Solevåg (30) drove silky fine until he had problems with the “ball” in Kitzbühel’s final round, hooked and drove out. Briton Dave Ryding (35) sensationally won the prestigious slalom race – ahead of Lucas Braathen and Henrik Kristoffersen in 2nd and 3rd place.

DRIVEN OUT: Sebastian Foss-Solevåg was on his way to the top position, but hooked in the final round. The picture is from when Foss-Solevåg won World Cup gold in Cortina d’Amprezzo in February last year.

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– It’s ridiculously delicious. I’m happy with shit, says Lucas Braathen in an interview with NRK after moving from 9th place after the first round – to 2nd place behind the Briton Dave Ryding after the final round.

Henrik Kristoffersen drove up 21 places, from 24 in the first round – to 3rd place overall.

– It’s such nice conditions. You can do whatever you want, Lucas Braathen announced after his final race – up to Sebastian Foss-Solevåg at the top.

But it said stop for him on the ball. There it was over and out.

Sebastian Foss-Solevåg (30) completed a near-perfect first round in the difficult Kitzbühel on Saturday morning. Well notice the hamper of a fracture of the thumb. This has meant that he has not been able to train properly, which did not appear in any way when he drove into the preliminary 2nd place – one hundredth behind the then leading Noel Clement.

– All focus on the Frenchman, stated Norway’s world champion in slalom to NRK – even after the Italian Alex Vintazer almost drove beyond capacity and into the lead 9/100 ahead of Foss-Solevåg.

– I have to adjust to getting on the green light, he added (green light on the screen is “management”).

This meant that he thought Noel Clement would be the competitor he had to beat in practice in the final round, to beat the claw in the first prize of one million kroner.

– Same as first. I have a good opportunity, so I can seize it, Sebastian Foss Solevåg answered when asked what his plan for the coming crucial seconds would be.

Behind him in 4th place was Italian Giuliano Razzoli, who did not pose a time threat.

Lucas Braathen made a mistake that cost him dearly in the first place, but he was after all happy with the total and was in 9th place before the final – a week after he moved from 29th place to the top of the podium in Wengen. The sensational boy (21) had 98/100 up to Vinatzer, in other words not insurmountable.

Lucas Braathen swung fresh into the preliminary lead, 27/100 ahead of the then leader Henrik Kristoffersen.

Henrik Kristoffersen (27) was initially in a worse position than Braathen. He did not, in his own words, find the rhythm in the first place and made it to the final top 30 with 24th place – 1.59 seconds behind Sebastian Foss-Solevåg. Kristoffersen led in Wengen last weekend, until he hooked four gates before the finish line.

He shook his head after finishing this time. His final round was good, but probably some distance from good enough to claim the top spot. He could sit in the leader’s seat. But it went too “slowly” in the last half of the course for him to hope to sit for a long time – even though he still sat there about halfway with the best lap time.

And to Braathen asked him to give way.

– It’s better, but not so good. That’s how it is. I think it is possible to drive faster than I did, especially here at the bottom. Had I led and driven like this, it would surely have been ok. Regardless of whether I jump to 10th place, it is not good enough, said Henrik Kristoffersen in an interview with NRK.

The Briton Dave Ryding took the lead when there were five riders left at the top. Clearing left Lucas Braathen 38/100 behind, and Kristoffersen 65/100 behind in total.


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