Monday, May 16

Consumption. After the baguette at 0.29 euros, the cut-price pork chop at Leclerc is controversial

After the baguette at 29 euro cents, the E. Leclerc brand has been at the heart of a new controversy since Friday, reports Capital, since its stores sell pork chops at less than 2 euros per kilo, three times less than the prices displayed on the Rungis market.

In detail, they are at 1.69 euro per kilo, while white ham is displayed at 1.85 euro per kilo, shoulder at 1.45 euro per kilo and breast at 1.95 euro per kilo.

Cheaper than pet food

The ”Culture Viande” union denounced pork ribs “cheaper than food products for dogs and cats” and tariffs that are made on the backs of intermediaries and producers.

Invited on Friday morning on BFM TV and RMC, Michel-Edouard Leclerc spoke of a “destocking” operation carried out in consultation with producers and assured that his group was the one “who buys the most expensive pork from farmers” and that he offered on the shelves “only French pork”. He assured to think of his customers with modest incomes. “They need to buy cheaper,” he justified.

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