Sunday, May 22

Irishman faces 20 years in prison for refusing to wear a mask on a plane

A 29-year-old refused to wear his mask on a plane before pulling down his pants to show off his buttocks to the entire crew on January 7. He was charged in federal court in Brooklyn in New York with assault and intimidation on January 14 and faces 20 years in prison.

Shane McInerney from Galway, Ireland put on a show by refusing to wear his mask. The man did not stop there, according to AFP the Irishman then threw a can of drink which hit the head of a passenger, before lowering his pants and underwear to show his buttocks to a crew member and passengers. On his way, the young man ended up removing his cap to put it on the captain’s head. A behavior that shocked passengers and crew members.

Released on bail for $20,000

According to my Brooklyn court, these acts constitute “a felony and, if convicted, the defendant could face up to 20 years in prison.” The Irish national, who was traveling to Florida for a job as a football trainer, was released on bail for $20,000 pending trial.

The American regulator of civil aviation (FAA) had decreed in January 2021 a policy of zero tolerance towards passengers who would refuse to wear the mask, while the flight personnel of the companies faced a very large number of reported cases of violence. verbally or physically from persons refusing to comply with this obligation.

Last Thursday, January 20, an American Airlines plane which linked Miami to London also turned around halfway, one of the passengers refusing to wear her mask.

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