Saturday, May 21

Kylian Mbappé: his little brother Ethan injured in a car accident

More fear than harm. This Friday, Ethan, Kylian Mbappé’s little brother, was injured in a car accident in Saint-German-en-Laye, near his Paris Saint-Germain training center.

According to information from Parisian, the 15-year-old boy was in a vehicle driven by a driver. The accident also involved another vehicle. The facts would have occurred around 4 p.m., on the RN 184.

Slightly injured, Ethan Mbappé was taken to hospital, according to firefighters.

Future star du foot ?

The latter seems to be following in his brother’s footsteps, since he was called up last December to join the France U16 team in Clairefontaine. Unlike his brother who plays in attack, Ethan plays him as a midfielder.

If the teenager does not yet have his brother’s career, he can nevertheless boast of having inspired his goal celebration, as Kylian Mbappé explained to beIN Sport. “With my little brother it started from nothing, from a room after a Playstation match, he scores a goal and celebrates it like that. Five minutes later he said to me, “Kylian, could you do that in a match?” I told him ok, I will do it,” he said. A real family affair.

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