Monday, May 16

“Le Bal de Paris”: We tested Blanca Li’s (superb) show in virtual reality

Prepare your finery, it’s time for the Bal de Paris. This immersive live show, currently at the Palace theatre, is revolutionizing the genre. Be careful, you only have a few days left to enjoy this experience.

First step: choose your outfit. Armed with a virtual reality helmet, a computer on your back, as well as trackers on your arms and legs, you will be able to move in front of showcases of Chanel outfits (partner of the event), try them on and admire in a mirror. Thanks to the various sensors, your body will be visible in the universe. You will also be able to see other users in real time. Let’s go, let’s go to the ball.

live dancers

Once in the first room, you will be able to observe the sets – very detailed – but also the dancers, virtual as well as real. Indeed, two artists, also armed with sensors, will perform live in front of you. From now on, there is no longer any boundary between the dancers and the spectators. In total immersion in the new world, you will be able to observe but also dance, whether with the professionals or the other guests of the ball.

For 35 minutes, the great love story divided into three acts will make you experience many emotions. You will take a boat, a train, go to the countryside, to Paris, you will lose (almost for real!) in a labyrinth… The two dancers, who play the two main roles of the plot, will offer you a cancan or even a waltz. Don’t panic, you won’t have to dance if you don’t want to.

Without ever leaving the starting room, you will have the feeling of having walked miles out of time, carried away in the fantastic and magical universe of Blanca Li. Last September, the show had won the Golden Lion at the Venice Mostra – VR expanded. Once the experience is over, a second surprise will await you in the upper room… Don’t hesitate any longer.

The Paris Ball, Blanca Li, at the Théâtre du Palace (8 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris) Until January 30.

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