Saturday, May 21

New Thingnes Bø downturn: Missed in the Olympic dress rehearsal

Johannes Thingnes Bø seemed to be on his way to the second victory of the season, but the boom shot on the last shot was costly. And on the last lap, in the last individual practice before the Olympics, he was parked.

Tough day at work: Johannes Thingnes Bø took second place in Anterselva, but after the solid lead he had, it was a downturn.

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Stryningen had a lead of ten seconds down to German Benedikt Doll into the standings before the last and decisive shooting, but Thingnes Bø missed and Doll shot full house, and went out with a lead of seven seconds.

Then they thought that “Thingnes Bø could take this well”, but the German actually parked Thingnes Bø. In the last second of the last round, he more than doubled the lead to Thingnes Bø, and in the end Thingnes Bø was 31 seconds behind the German in goal.

There were three booms on Thingnes Bø, which has still only won one individual race this season. One victory came in French Annecy a little over a month ago.

Sturla Holm Lægreid took third place, one minute and 28 seconds behind the victorious Doll.

The case is being updated.

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