Tuesday, May 17

Presidential 2022: a mayor of Var consults his voters to give his sponsorship

In the Var, the mayor of the small village has decided to involve the 2,000 inhabitants of Saint-Anastasie-sur-Issole to decide which presidential candidate he will sponsor.

Olivier Hofmann was elected without a label and also wanted to raise awareness among the inhabitants of the village.

They will therefore have been called to the polls twice in a few months because they will choose between the declared candidates and those who will probably declare themselves, starting next week.

The mayor has thus planned a ballot on January 29 and February 7.

However, for this result to count, the mayor has set a participation threshold at a quarter of the municipality’s voters.

And if this is not obtained, the signature of the mayor (and therefore the sponsorship) will not go to any candidate.


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