Tuesday, May 24

Presidential 2022: in Cannes, Éric Zemmour multiplies the calls for “the union of the rights”

On the move since yesterday in the Alpes-Maritimes, in Nice, Menton and Antibes, the candidate of Reconquest! in the presidential election, Eric Zemmour, held a meeting this Saturday at the Palais des Victoires in Cannes. A gathering which also formalizes the rallying of Gilbert Collard to his list, thus leaving the party of Marine Le Pen.

The former polemicist first went in the morning to the Provençal market of Forville in Cannes to chat with passers-by, before his big public meeting which started at 6.30 p.m.

During his speech in front of a room full of 4,000 people, Eric Zemmour multiplied the calls for “the union of the rights” between voters of the RN and LR, to “stop immigration and assistantship”. “I don’t want Cannes to be wild in turn,” launched the candidate Reconquête!.

After several highly publicized “squats” cases in the region, he also denounced the “scandal” of “home invasions” and promised “the immediate eviction of the squatters without going through the courts. I don’t want kebabs in all the villages of France!”, he also let loose under the cheers.

73-year-old MEP and lawyer Gilbert Collard also spoke. He stressed that he had “nothing against Marine Le Pen.” “I will never say anything against her,” he added before praising his new champion.

Saturday morning, Eric Zemmour strolled for two hours at the Forville market in Cannes, receiving a favorable reception. He was surrounded by two defectors from the RN: MEP Jérôme Rivière and former member of Generation Identity, Damien Rieu.

Ranked 4th in the 1st round, according to a poll

According to the latest OpinionWay barometer for CNEWS, the leader of Reconquête! is in fourth position in the first round, with 14% of the vote, behind Valérie Pécresse and Marine Le Pen (18% each) and Emmanuel Macron at 24%.

Despite these events, the candidate retains confidence and was pleased, in an interview with Nice morning, to approach the number of sponsorships necessary to be able to participate in the election: “I am reasonably optimistic about sponsorships, I was worried a fortnight ago, but since my calls to the media, and the arrival of my friend Guillaume Peltier, things are better. (…) Again this morning, a mayor called me to give me a sponsorship, I am approaching 400 but I remain very careful, you know that these are only promises”, he tempered.


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