Friday, May 20

United States. He plays the numbers found in a lucky cookie and wins the jackpot

Some believe it, others not at all: the prediction contained in a ”fortune cookie”, a small fortune cookie served in Asian restaurants, has this time proven to be correct, according to the Charlotte Observer.

A 60-year-old disabled veteran who spent 32 years in the US military decided to try his luck on Tuesday while at a facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. A place where this veteran of the war in Iraq had his habits because he dined there every week with his wife. At the table, he opened his ”fortune cookie” and played the numbers found inside the lottery.

One in 32 million chance

He took it well: with a bet of 3 dollars (2.64 euros), he won 4 million dollars (3.53 million euros) in Mega Millions winnings. The odds of hitting the jackpot were 1 in 302 million, game officials said.

“I don’t usually play numbers found in a fortune cookie, but I tried on a whim,” he said. The winning numbers were 4-19-39-42-52 and the Mega Ball was 9.

After taxes, he kept about $2.8 million, or nearly €2.5 million, according to the lottery.

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