Sunday, May 22

United States. He would have ran a red light: Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in a road accident

Arnold Schwarzenegger is suspected of having run a red light, causing a traffic accident, Friday afternoon in the streets of Los Angeles, not far from the famous Sunset Boulevard, reveals the TMZ site, supporting photos.

Less than two kilometers from his home, the 74-year-old American actor, driving his SUV, collided with a Toyota Prius driven by a woman. She was slightly injured in the crash and taken to hospital. The actor himself escaped unscathed. Two other vehicles, which were following them, were also damaged.

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An unauthorized maneuver

An investigation has been opened. According to the first elements, the incident was caused by the former governor of California, who tried to turn left at an intersection while the traffic light for this maneuver was still red. No minutes were drawn up. The police have already announced that no consumption of alcohol or drugs was the cause of this accident, compared to “an action movie scene” according to witnesses.

The former bodybuilder, through the voice of his spokesperson, said he was relieved that the collision was not more serious and expressed his concern for the victim, visibly hit in the head in the impact.

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