Sunday, May 22

Valérie Pécresse receives support from centrists

Valérie Pécresse received the official support of the party “Les Centristes” in the presidential race during the National Council of the party, organized in Paris this Saturday, January 22.

Well placed in the polls just over three months before the presidential election, the candidate “Les Républicains” has promised the political party led by Hervé Morin a program of “powerful reforms” and “a right-wing project, 100% consistent with your values.

A renewed alliance

In line with this renewed alliance, Valérie Pécresse thanked her supporters by ensuring “to embody a third way between immobility and demagoguery”. She also praised the values ​​in which she “recognizes herself” such as “Europe, solidarity, freedom, decentralization” but also “openness to society and its developments” as well as “equality between all, whatever their color or their origin, equality between men and women.

The president of the Île-de-France region has finally promised to face “presidential cynicism” and to “restore order in the accounts” with reforms on pensions, unemployment insurance or decentralization.

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