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Støre responds to the Taliban criticism: – I understand that many react

NEW YORK (Aftenposten): The government has received strong criticism for inviting the Taliban to Norway.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre will be in New York until Wednesday this week.

The case is being updated.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre landed in New York City on Sunday night. In the next few days, he will chair meetings of the UN Security Council.

This is happening in connection with Norway holding the presidency of the important UN body in January, and one of the topics on the agenda is the situation in Afghanistan.

Støre’s New York trip takes place at the same time as a delegation from the Taliban is in Oslo.

Representatives of the extremist Islamist organization have held talks with Afghan human rights activists, women’s rights activists and the press.

Talks will begin on Monday with representatives from the United States and countries in Europe.

The visit has been met with strong reactions from activists and some Norwegian opposition politicians.

– I understand that many react to seeing the Taliban in Norway. They have a set of values ​​that is as far from ours as it is possible to get, Støre says to Aftenposten.

Critical Listhaug

FRP leader Sylvi Listhaug has been critical of the Norwegian authorities playing such an active role in the talks. Norway pays, among other things, for the private plane that carries the Taliban to and from Norway. The visit is estimated to cost the state a total of seven million kroner.

– That the Norwegian authorities think it is useful to talk to extreme Islamists about human rights and women’s rights, is so naive that it is like believing in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny at the same time. The Taliban also has 15 men and 0 women. That in itself says it all, says Listhaug to NTB.

Skjalg Fjellheim, political editor of Nordlys, questions the government’s judgment.

– It may look like the Støre government has found the golden recipe for how to get rid of most of its voters as quickly as possible, he writes in a comment on Facebook.

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