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AP: At least six died outside the football stadium in the African Championship

To the news agency AP, local authorities in Cameroon confirm that at least six people have died after an incident at Olembe Stadium.

KAOTIC SCENES: Outside the football stadium in Olembe, where the home team Cameroon met the Comoros, according to several media, there was congestion and panic during the match. This image is a screenshot of a video circulating on social media, showing the congestion that has occurred.

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The Africa Cup of Nations is being held in the country, and on Monday night the host nation hosted the Comoros. Governor of Central Cameroon, Naseri Paul Biya, says according to the AP that there may be more than six dead.

There must have been congestion on the way into the gates of the stadium during the match, which must have created panic. Guards have tried to restrain the crowds, but do not succeed. Several are said to have been pushed to death while people tried to enter the gates. Videos and pictures on the internet show lifeless people lying on the ground.

The news agency AP, as well as local journalists and the media report on the deaths. Employees at Messassi Hospital say they have received over 40 injured people after the incident at the stadium.

– Some are in critical condition, says nurse Olinga Prudence to AP.

– We have to move them to a hospital with specialist expertise, she continues.

50,000 people are said to have tried to get into the fight. Olembe Stadium has a capacity of 60,000, but it was only allowed to fill 80 percent of the stadium due to corona restrictions.

Cameroon won the match 2-1 and secured a ticket to the quarterfinals of the championship.

The case is being updated.

CHAOS: Olembe Stadium in Cameroon. This is an archive photo of the arena.

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