Monday, May 16

Blind passengers survived flights from Africa to Amsterdam in the wheel well

A blind passenger in the nose wheel well on a cargo plane managed to stay alive during a flight from South Africa to the Netherlands.

Dutch police found him when the plane landed at Schiphol Airport outside Amsterdam. He has been transported to hospital, but is in good condition, despite having been through very low temperatures, poor oxygen conditions, and risked falling out all the way.

The Dutch state broadcaster US writes that the man had a low body temperature when he was found, but when he got into the ambulance he could again answer questions.

It is not known where the man came from, how old he is, or when he got on board the plane. The plane from the company Cargolux flew from South Africa to Schiphol over the weekend, with a stopover in Kenya.

According to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), there were 129 known cases of dead passengers hiding on board aircraft between 1947 and February 2021. 100 of these died.

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