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Bus driver attacked in Paris: the shock testimony of a passenger

On January 22, a RATP bus driver was violently attacked by a man with whom he had just had a clash at Place de la Bastille in Paris.

Witness to the scene, Mehdi returned to CNEWS on the assault he witnessed. “We saw the person get out of his car and start getting mad at the bus driver,” he said.

“At that moment, he started punching the window,” until he broke it.

Insults and death threats

The attacker, who no longer seemed to control himself, as shown by several videos shared on social networks, decided to enter the RATP vehicle.

“He banged on the doors to gain access to the vehicle and ultimately punched the driver in the face,” Mehdi said.

The latter also felt the annoyance of the attacker who, “over the entire duration of the action, insulted and threatened the driver with death”.

While no one could intervene during this beating, Mehdi believed for a moment that the driver “was going to be killed”.

The assailant in custody

After denouncing this attack, the RATP announced its intention to file a complaint.

Arrested immediately, the man admitted to being the author of the attack. In view of his profile, the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office decided to summon him for an appearance on prior admission of guilt (CRPC). In this specific context, detention is not possible.

He will be summoned at a later date before a magistrate, who will propose a sentence. If the latter accepts it, this sentence will have to be approved by a judge.

He could thus be sentenced for “degradation of public property”, but also “violence having resulted in less than 8 days of ITT”. He would risk up to 3 years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

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