Tuesday, May 17

Covid-19: a nasal spray vaccine developed in France, its marketing date known

Pointed out for its inability to quickly develop a vaccine against Covid-19, will French public research be able to count on a nasal spray to catch up? The Biomap team presented its project last week, which could be used for children in particular.

Scientists from the joint research team in Infectiology and Public Health INRAE-University of Tours have succeeded in proving that this “vaccine candidate” was immunogenic, after in vitro tests and then on animals. They have also shown that it prevents the transmission of the virus and protects against its serious forms.

The product contains the Spike protein but also stable proteins, which allow it to be universal, therefore not very sensitive to variants, described The echoes. Its nanoparticles allow it to cling to the mucous membrane of the nose.

A long period of testing

Now, the baton has passed to the start-up LoValTech, which must develop this nasal vaccine. Its director, who is also that of Biomap, indicated that it is necessary in particular to test the effectiveness of the remedy against the Omicron variant (it works against Delta).

Thirty-five million euros are to be collected in order to launch phases I and II of the tests. Then, it will be necessary to find a pharmaceutical partner for phase III, on a large scale. These could take place next fall.

The French nasal spray vaccine is expected to hit the market in late 2023 or early 2024.


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