Tuesday, May 24

Covid-19: increasingly violent anti-passes?

Since the implementation of health restrictions, and with the entry into force of the health pass and now the vaccination pass, the most radical opponents of the various measures have multiplied the violence, in particular against the elected officials who vote for them.

On the sidelines of a demonstration against the health pass on Saturday, the LREM deputy Romain Grau was thus violently attacked, beaten and insulted, in front of his permanence in Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales).

The scene is filmed by an adviser to the Minister of Justice, present on the scene and also attacked.

They are forced to take refuge with a neighbor.

A climate of tension that is found in several demonstrations in Europe.

In Brussels this Sunday, clashes broke out with the police: water cannon and tear gas fired against the cobblestones thrown by the demonstrators.

With 50,000 people in the street, this demonstration was the largest for several months in Belgium.


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