Saturday, May 21

Daesh attack in Syria: more than 150 dead, teenagers used as “human shields”

Kurdish forces deployed reinforcements on Monday and blocked access to Hassaké, Syria, after fighting with jihadists that left more than 150 dead in and around a prison where hundreds of minors are still being held.

On Thursday evening, more than a hundred Daesh jihadists stormed Ghwayran prison with the help of truck bombs and heavy weapons. Several days of violent clashes followed around and within the prison itself, located in Hassaké, in northeastern Syria.

The fighting subsided in intensity on Sunday evening as the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the US-led coalition consolidated their positions around the prison on Monday.

The FDS accused Daesh fighters of using minors still inside the prison as “human shields”.

UNICEF calls for help

The presence of these minors, who were imprisoned in “a rehabilitation center” and who are now locked up in a dormitory, compromises the advance of the FDS who are trying to enter the prison, they said in a press release.

These minors number 850 and some are as young as 12, according to the United Nations agency for children (Unicef), which called for their protection and which underlined the “risk that children are injured or recruited by force”, by Daesh.

45,000 displaced people

According to a new report established Monday by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), 154 people were killed in five days of fighting between Kurdish and jihadist forces, 102 jihadists, 45 Kurdish fighters and seven civilians.

As a result of this assault on Ghwayran prison, nearly 45,000 people fled their homes in Hassaké.

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