Sunday, May 22

Denmark gives up ownership of the rare Sami drum – transferred to Norway

The Danish Minister of Culture has decided that the ownership of a rare drum from 1691 can be transferred to the Sami Museum in Karasjok in Norway.

This Sami drum has created a rift between Norway’s indigenous people and Denmark, but can now be transferred to Norway.

The Sami people in Norway have long demanded that the ownership be transferred.

Now the Danish Minister of Culture Ane Halsobe-Jørgensen states that she has given permission for this.

– It is only natural that the drum gets its permanent home in the museum to which it has a historical affiliation, and where it has otherwise been exhibited for many years, says Halsobe-Jørgensen in a press release.

It is the Danish National Museum that has had the formal ownership of the drum, but it has been loaned to RiddoDuottarMuseat in Karasjok for several years, but on an agreement that actually expired on 1 December last year.

Last autumn, the National Museum of Denmark concluded that they would give the drum back, in a statement that was handed over to the government. It is the Minister of Culture who has made the final decision.

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