Sunday, May 22

DIRECT – Coronavirus: end of compulsory screening for vaccinated travelers entering England

As hospital pressure stabilizes, the government unveiled the timetable for the easing of restrictive measures on Thursday January 20. Follow here all the news related to the health situation in France and around the world.


The British government has announced that it will lift the obligation to carry out a screening for Covid-19 for fully vaccinated travelers arriving in England.

“What we’re doing for travel is showing that this country is open for business, open for travellers,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, confirming the change intended “that people arriving don’t have more to pass tests (…) if they have been doubly vaccinated”.


It is possible to end the acute phase of the pandemic this year, the WHO chief said on Monday, even if the Covid-19 causes a death every 12 seconds in the world.

“We can end the acute phase of the pandemic this year – we can end Covid-19 as a global health emergency”, the highest level of alert from the World Health Organization (WHO ), said its managing director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


The long confinement of the city of Xi’an (northern China) was lifted on Monday, announced the authorities, who also reported 72 cases of Covid among participants in the Beijing Olympics.


Hong Kong authorities said on Sunday that only one of 77 hamsters handed over to the government by their owners had tested positive for Covid-19 as part of a culling campaign after positive cases emerged at a local pet store. city.

More than 2,000 hamsters were slaughtered as a “precaution” after some of them, imported from the Netherlands by a local pet store, tested positive for Covid.


The transformation of the vaccineal passes will be effective in France today. Announced last Thursday by Prime Minister Jean Castex at a press conference, the evolution of the scheme was validated by the Constitutional Council on Friday 21 January.

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