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Disinfox. Is it true that 20% of French people who left for jihad received social assistance?

“Do you know that 20% of French jihadists who left for Syria and Iraq continued to receive social assistance? This is what Eric Zemmour tweeted on Sunday evening, ahead of the broadcast on M6 of a documentary by Zone Interdite entitled Faced with the danger of radical Islam, the responses of the State. A documentary which, moreover, caused a lot of reaction on the right and on the far right of the political spectrum.

Since then, Eric Zemmour has unveiled his “Islam program” to put an end to “the Islamization of France”.

We found this figure in a bill “aiming to abolish the payment of any benefit or social allowance to people carrying out terrorist actions or in connection with terrorist organizations”, tabled in November 2017 by LR deputies. Among them, we find Guillaume Peltier, the former number 2 of the party who has since rallied Eric Zemmour.

In this text also appears another figure put forward by Eric Zemmour on Twitter: “Ismaël Mostefaï, one of the killers of the Bataclan, received 290 € per month when he committed barbaric acts of beheading. »

A valid figure… in 2017

We only found traces of this second number in a column by Guillaume Peltier, broadcast on March 4, 2021 on the Internet. On the other hand, the first [le chiffre de 20%] comes from an article you Figaro, published in October 2017.

The figure comes precisely from the Criminal Brigade, part of which has specialized since 2008 in tracking down the financing of Daesh. “Thanks to further research, they realized that around 20% of the French combatants identified in the area continued to receive social benefits”, writes the daily journalist.

In fact, this social assistance scam is allowed thanks to accomplices who have remained in France. Thanks to the identity documents of the jihadists, these people collect the benefits and then send them by money order to the war zones. In 2016, some 420 fraudulent transfers were thus brought to light, reports again Le Figaro.

A fact for two words

If the figures were valid in 2017, what about today? Hard to say. No official estimate has been released since. Questioned in March 2015 at the National Assembly on this subject, Bernard Cazeneuve had however assured that “these shortcomings (…) do not exist in number”. Thanks to the platform for reporting candidates for jihad, “the case of those who have left the national territory is immediately reported to the authorities in charge of paying these social benefits”, explained the Minister of the Interior at the time. “Let’s not try to make polemics on this subject or to suggest that there is no action,” added the minister. There is total determination and it will continue.”

The number of people who went to jihad in Syria or Iraq who were deprived of their social benefits in 2014, according to Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve

The former minister answered questions from UMP deputy Alain Marsaud who, together with his colleague Thierry Mariani (UMP), wanted the “creation of a commission of inquiry into the abuse of social security payments to French people who have left the territory for the purpose of to participate in jihad. For Alain Marsaud, the subject of jihadist fraudsters was above all a pretext to tackle more broadly the fraud in social benefits in France. Which is not the case for Eric Zemmour.

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