Wednesday, May 25

ELECTIONS 2022: Jules Charville wants to “rebuild trust” – Faxinfo

Leader of the association created in 2016 Hope Party, Jules Charville invited “activists and sympathizers” Thursday evening Chez Clément at Sandy Ground to the official declaration of his candidacy for the territorial elections which will take place on March 20 and 27. Sixty of them responded.

The ceremony began with testimonials from three people about their desire to join Hope Party and join Jules Charville’s team. Have thus succeeded on the podium Alum Paines, Jérémy Huot, Angeline Laurence and Sabrina Charville, the daughter of Jules Charville. In turn, they described “Julo” as someone “listening” and “committed to his territory”.

Then alongside them and joined by others, Jules Charville officially entered the scene. “Yes, I am the lead candidate in the territorial elections in March,” he said.

“Rebuilding confidence to succeed Saint-Martin” was the common thread of his speech on Thursday evening and will be that of his electoral program. He wants to “act methodically and deploy an action plan for the first 100 days, to resolve emergencies and lay the foundations for [leurs] projects”.

In addition, Jules Charville says he is “convinced” of having to “start by restoring confidence with partners like the State, by normalizing our relations with them”. He therefore plans to apply the recommendations made by the French anti-corruption agency.

Another priority set, those of “rebuilding trust with the territorial administration”. He also announced the establishment of a major project, that of a Caribbean Institute of administrative studies which could be financed by European Interreg funds. Jules Charville will reveal the members of his Generation Hope list on February 20. (

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