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Former Premier League player goes to Askeladden concept – gets responsibility for tenfold growth

Football player Jonathan Parr officially retires on Monday. Then straight into the role of growth manager in the used car dealer Rebil.

Rebil aims to reach 500 million in turnover in 2024, up from what is expected to be 50 million a year now.

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The former Crystal Palace and Ipswich profile has trained as a graduate economist between football matches.

On Monday afternoon, it became clear that his football career is over.

– I have a knee injury that made me consider giving up before last year’s season, but then I decided that I should try a little more. After careful assessments and conversations with the medical apparatus, I have now come to the conclusion that it does not make sense to press the knee more, Parr says to E24.

Now he will rather lead the growth in the online store Rebil, and the goal is not meager.

During 2024, the Rebil Askeladden concept has plans to sell used cars for NOK 500 million.

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– Great job

Rebil put operations in gear in October last year, and has since had a turnover of well over NOK 16 million. At this rate, the company has a turnover of 50 million a year. So it is a long way to drive to the finish.

– This is a very exciting opportunity. A shock start where you get to be part of everything, and learn a lot in a short time. Very fun to have something to go straight on after his career, says Parr.

Rebil’s business model is built on the recipe for success of the entrepreneurial factory Askeladden – the goal is to be accessible and hassle-free.

General manager Kristian Melchior and growth manager Jonathan Parr in Rebil, in front of the signal red trailer in which they carry customers’ orders.

On the website, they display, among other things, long opening hours and open purchases for 14 days.

The former left-back meets E24 together with general manager Kristian Melchior in Rebil’s premises at Alna in Oslo. A warehouse with cars, a small office and a workshop is next door to the Viking Rescue Service.

Melchior agrees that half a billion a year is a hair-raising goal, but none of them call it unrealistic.

– It is a big job that must be done, first and foremost. It’s about getting the right cars in, having a sufficiently large selection and getting sold quickly, he says.

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– Thought several times that now everything falls apart

Will be the go-to place

Parr points out that the advantage of Rebil lies in a centralized and web-based model, and hopes that in time it will be a “go-to” marketplace for used cars.

– Many people experience uncertainty about buying and selling a used car. I hope we will make it so safe and easy that people will be comfortable buying a car online, and can trust that it is not only Tesla you can buy online, that you can also buy a used car that has gone some thousand kilometers.

– One of the most important things for people who are going to buy a car is the price. We are a data-driven and centralized company, which means that we can have low costs and offer a good price, which is driving for everyone.

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– We avoid expensive store premises and many employees, he adds.

– What prevents the competitors from doing the same, or what is it that separates you from them?

– The idea is to make it easier and safer to buy a used car. We go to great lengths to do a lot for the customers, have a good process and follow up in a good way, that it should be experienced safely all the way. We want to build on that, that we get a good reputation built on happy customers. We are never better than what the previous customer says. Then there is the system, that we check all the cars at NAF or Viking, fix up, have open purchases, fixed prices and delivery, says Melchior.

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