Friday, May 20

Guillaume Peltier: “The first measure we will take with Éric Zemmour will be to repeal the vaccine pass”

Guillaume Peltier, vice-president of Reconquête was the guest of Laurence Ferrari: “The first measure that we will take with Éric Zemmour will be to repeal the vaccination pass”.

Implemented today Monday, January 24, the vaccine pass was strongly criticized by Guillaume Peltier. For the former LR activist, this law “is liberticidal and the first measure that we will take with Éric Zemmour when he is at the Elysée, it will be to repeal the vaccination pass”. Regarding the hospital situation in France, Guillaume Peltier assured «than a plan to finance treatments at European Union level or a plan to save our hospitals and our caregivers. (…) Leave the French alone!”

A single watchword, THE RALLYING OF THE RIGHTS

Concerning the few personalities – Gilbert Collard, Philippe De Villiers, Pierre-Jean Chalençon – who joined the candidate’s party, Guillaume Peltier bounces back: “Beyond the personalities, what strikes me is Eric Zemmour’s ability to rally and unite millions of French people. We see it in television audiences, on social networks, in meetings. Being able to bring together 5000 people in Cannes, I had not seen that for 15 years. Because that is what it is all about, the union of the rights: “Today, we are gathered around a French, Jewish, Berber, Algerian man who says, not everything being a politician , I rise to gather all the rights.”

Sponsorship: 52 additional votes

Despite everything, on the sponsorship side, the account is still not there. But the former LR activist wants to be reassuring: “We have 52 new sponsorships and at the end of this week the mayors will receive the famous official form. We are hopeful and we are calm.”

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