Wednesday, May 18

Italy. Will Mario Draghi be the next Italian president?

“The most complete fog! “Marc Lazar, yet the best connoisseur of Italy in France, confides his dismay in the face of the presidential election. Decided by the secret ballot vote of 1,007 deputies, senators and regional delegates, it is still quite unpredictable. The chronicle remembers the 1971 edition which required 23 ballots held over sixteen days before a winner was determined!

Divided parties

“And this is reinforced by the deep divisions of the political parties, and by the difficulty of finding a sufficiently consensual personality between the two large blocs, the “center right” and the “center left”, develops Marc Lazar.

A favorite stands out, Mario Draghi, 74 years old. The former president of the European Central Bank, whose “whatever it takes” saved the euro in 2012, became President of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister) in February 2021.

” The…

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