Sunday, May 22

ITV: The wife arranged a birthday party for Boris Johnson during the shutdown

Boris Johnson’s wife arranged a surprise party for her husband when he turned one in the summer of 2020, according to ITV. The Prime Minister’s Office disputes the story.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrives in Downing Street on Monday.

The party is said to have been held on the afternoon of June 19, even though social events were banned. according to ITV News Carrie Johnson, who was then the Prime Minister’s fiancée, helped arrange the party for her husband.

The British Prime Minister has been in a tough spot after a series of revelations about parties that were held in Johnson’s circle despite strict coronary restrictions.

According to ITV, up to 30 people are believed to have attended the birthday party, which was held in Downing Street after he had visited a school in Hertfordshire.

Boris Johnson’s office disputes the information from ITV that a party was arranged. A spokesperson says Sky News that a group of employees gathered for a short while in the cabinet room after a meeting to congratulate the Prime Minister on the day.

– He was there for less than ten minutes, the spokesperson says.

Later that evening, friends of the family gathered in Johnson’s home upstairs, according to ITV. This is not true, according to Downing Street.

– In line with the rules at the time, the prime minister gathered a small number of family members outdoors that evening, the spokesperson says.

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