Saturday, May 21

Miscellaneous facts. New Caledonia: a man kills his 22-year-old ex-girlfriend before committing suicide

A 22-year-old woman died on Saturday in New Caledonia, shot and killed by her ex-companion, who then turned the gun on him, the Noumea prosecutor said on Sunday.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the couple had ended five years of living together last December and the 28-year-old man had since been living with his sister in the Kaarac tribe, in the town of Koumac (far north). of Caledonia).

Saturday, a violent argument would have broken out, according to the sister of the young man alerted by the cries, while the victim had come to return personal effects to his ex-partner. The young woman would have run out of the house to take refuge behind her car, before being hit by a bullet in the neck, fired from the window of the accommodation. The shooter then turned the gun on himself, fatally injuring his head.

A similar feminicide a month ago

The public prosecutor opened an investigation for homicide by cohabitant and requested the autopsy of the two bodies. The young man was known for acts of violence in 2018 and had two weapons, including that of the crime, a 270 caliber rifle which had not been the subject of an administrative declaration, contrary to the regulations for firearms. this category.

A month ago on December 23, 2021, a similar tragedy occurred in Païta (agglomeration of Nouméa). A man had killed his 22-year-old ex-girlfriend, mother of two, with a gun before committing suicide.

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