Monday, May 23

Narvalo: season 2 arrives tonight on Canal+

A year after the success of the first season, the Quirky Creation Narvalo is back with a season 2 full of hilarious new galleys.

On the menu, eight new incredible anecdotes of 20 minutes, always inspired by reality and told between friends. But what exactly is a “narvalo”? The term comes from gypsy slang, and is used “to gently insult or tease one’s neighbour”, explains series creator Matthieu Longatte. “Narvalo” has (by extension) become a way of calling a “guy”, a “guy”, a “guy”. A narvalo is above all someone here who always has a hard time, someone who always has an incredible story to tell and who will spread by word of mouth and sometimes become a legend.

“I grew up in the 78 and I find that the suburbs are a particularly rich environment because of its social, human and even geographical diversity, analyzes Matthieu Longatte. To play football and then bullshit, I spent a lot of time outside, hanging out, in a group. At the bottom of a pavilion or the building of a city, to escape boredom and fill the time, we told stories, we projected ourselves into the cinema of so and so, we traveled via the imaginary on the other and above all we collectively laughed at individual setbacks (…) Tired of the artistic (and media) treatment reserved for the suburbs, I wrote and directed Narvalo to highlight what gives it a unique charm in my eyes: these extraordinary anecdotes, this spontaneous but mastered storytelling and this absolutely unique love of the valve”.

Among the characters of season 2 we come across a Parisian exiled to Marseille “who can no longer stand the confusion of La Canebière”, an anesthetist “a little too much on drugs who himself increases his dose of analgesics after an accident of scooter”, or even “a charo caught up in a very embarrassing way for his infidelities by his girl of the moment”.

“Narvalo: New galleys” is to be discovered from this Monday on Canal + and (when you want) on MyCanal. Note that the first episode is free (see below) and that season 1 is still available in full on myCanal.

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