Friday, May 27

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan offers a ministry to Jean-Pierre Pernaut

The presidential candidate, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, declared on France 2, Sunday, that if he were elected president of the Republic, he would like to propose a ministry to… Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

During the sequence “If I were president” of the 1 p.m. news from France 2, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan answered the question “Which public figure would arrive in your government?” The presidential candidate then believed that he had found a potential minister in the person of Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

“While the rural world is abandoned in France, I will appoint Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Minister of Regional Planning” explains the president of “Debout la France”.

An unofficial proposal to which the former presenter of the 1 p.m. news from TF1 responded with humor. “Me, minister? I’ve passed the age,” he laughs before adding, “I let people who are competent enough to take care of that.” However, Jean-Pierre Pernaut does not definitively reject the proposal: “I do not completely close the door. We never close the door.”

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan among the small candidates

For the moment, the possibility of Jean-Pierre Pernaut taking the reins of a ministry is still low, Nicolas Dupont Aignan gathering only 1% of voting intentions in the latest OpinionWay barometer for CNEWS, published on Friday January 21.

For his part, Jean-Pierre Pernaut is concentrating on his illness. The former presenter who announced in April 2021 that he had lung cancer still has a few tests to perform. “Everything is fine. The exams are in progress. We cross our fingers, ”he concluded combatively.

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