Monday, May 23

Presidential 2022. Faced with the grievances of the rural world, Macron pleads optimism

Faced with a series of grievances, Emmanuel Macron praised this Monday in Creuse the “tremendous forces” of the rural world and underlined the efforts made since 2017 to improve it.

“Be proud to be born in the Creuse! Be confident and conquerors”, launched the Head of State to the students of the agricultural school of Ahun, a village of 1,500 inhabitants in the middle of the meadows.

Your generation is that of the reconquest of rurality, your future is not to flee!

Emmanuel Macron

These young people questioned him frankly about their many difficulties, similar to those mentioned during the great debate but aggravated by the Covid. Isolation, white areas, employment problems, lack of transport and infrastructure, expensive permits, impression of a “fog”…

“I want to make my life in the Creuse, but it’s not easy,” admits Mathieu, a 16-year-old high school student, complaining about the dilapidated state of the gymnasiums and swimming pools. A student recounts having “walked five kilometers, in winter, in the rain” because her school bus had not passed”. Others testify to the “dropout” experienced since the start of the Covid because “the distance was super complicated, we don’t have a network everywhere”. Several evoke cases of depression, addictions, mental health problems.

Inaccessible jobs

Florian, 20, reminded the president of one of his most controversial “little phrases”: “You say ‘cross the street to find work’, but you have a Stop sign in front of you, which tells you that you don’t have enough working time, no professional experience, we go around in circles”.

“Many sectors offer jobs, so normally, when you have good will…”, Emmanuel Macron justified himself, “that’s kind of what I was saying with this formula, which was more suited to Paris, where I was at that time than here, but which was totally true in Paris! “.

No increase for university enrollment

The Head of State also denied wanting to increase university registration fees, after recent remarks that unleashed his opponents. “I never said that,” he exclaimed, explaining that he did not want to “charge” students but was considering the creation of paid professional training in universities.

“We have to collectively get out of negative speeches”, pleaded Emmanuel Macron, recalling having devoted more than 8.5 billion euros to the rural world. “It’s further away, there’s more loneliness, it’s less well connected, there are health problems, you have to put the package in to correct it, but there are formidable forces” in rural areas.

Candidate ? “Answer to the next episode”

Visiting the high school barn, where some forty Limousin cows are quietly ruminating, Emmanuel Macron bursts out laughing when Tom, 19, asks him the question that agitates the political class 76 days before the election: is he or not candidate for a new term at the Elysée?

“I will announce my decision in due time”, “response to the next episode! “, throws the president to him. Something to annoy the opposition, which accuses him, like Marine Le Pen, of “ambiguity”, playing on his status as president to campaign. Emmanuel Macron says he wants to “continue to fight until the end because we still have a lot to do. If everything had been settled… This is not the case! “.

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