Thursday, May 19

Presidential 2022: “I will announce my candidacy in due time”, launches Emmanuel Macron from Creuse

Traveling to an agricultural high school in Creuse this Monday, January 24, Emmanuel Macron answered a student who wondered about the future candidacy of the head of state in the next presidential election.

“I will announce my decision in due time,” said Emmanuel Macron, while remaining evasive on the subject of his candidacy.

“I will continue to fight until the end because we still have a lot of things to do,” he added to the students of the agricultural school in Ahun, near Guéret.

During his speech in this establishment, Emmanuel Macron took the opportunity to congratulate a young person for having registered on the electoral lists. But also to support the battle led by his government to raise agricultural incomes.

An impatient party

At 76 days from the first round of the next presidential election, the Head of State occupies the field with this new stage of his tour of France. The next stop will take Emmanuel Macron to Haute-Vienne, to present his report on white areas and medical deserts.

Nevertheless, some members of La République en Marche would begin to grow impatient with the absence of an official candidacy.

On January 19, during his speech to launch the French presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Head of State addressed important topics. A speech that can be interpreted as a desire to last over time through, why not, a second term.

As a reminder, Emmanuel Macron has until March 4 to submit his candidacy.

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