Monday, May 23

Roubaix: the rise of Islamist ideology worries

A controversy born of the sale of dolls respecting the principles of Islam. Highlighted by a report broadcast this Sunday, January 23 on M6, the development of businesses deemed extremist in Roubaix (North) has sparked controversy.

In downtown Roubaix, the sale of faceless dolls, in accordance with the strict principles of Islam prohibiting any human representation, has created controversy. “There is pressure from an early age for the inhabitants of Roubaix and that has an impact on their daily lives. It is unbearable to see these references being imposed”, regretted Aleksandar Nikolic, president of the RN group at the Regional Council of Centre-Val de Loire, on CNEWS.

Through the sale of these toys, the rise of Islamist ideology in the northern city has been considered worrying since the latter has targeted an increasingly young audience in recent years. “It’s a way of demonstrating that from childhood, we’re going to be better Muslims than the others, and of course, the others aren’t good or true Muslims. It is the introduction of an ideological principle into the world of childhood. In this sense, it is quite worrying”, analyzed Bernard Rougier, sociologist and specialist in radical Islam, in the report broadcast by “Zone Interdite” on Sunday.

“Put the kibosh by the administrative apparatus”

Many businesses registered in this movement have developed in Roubaix in recent years, whether Koranic bookstores, halal butchers or even stores selling the full veil.

“We have to put the kibosh on the administrative apparatus and consider that from the moment we refer only to these texts, it poses a problem, even if it means closing these booksellers, even if it means closing these stores”, concluded Aleksandar Nikolic. on our antenna.

The elected also called on the municipality to no longer fund associations promoting radical Islam.

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