Saturday, May 21

Separatism: Gérald Darmanin announces the closure of a website “with Salafist content”

Called “The right path”, this website was used to disseminate “Salafist content” calling for “hate and jihad”, declared Gérald Darmanin in the program Zone prohibited on M6 broadcast on Sunday January 23. In doing so, the Minister indicated that he had initiated a closure procedure.

The site should clear quickly, under the separatism law promulgated last summer. “This is a very important site that has existed since 2012. We have managed to make arrangements so that in a few hours, in a few days, we will be able to close this site and penalize the people who will continue to keep it alive,” said added the Minister.

“The right path” offered audio courses, conferences and sermons delivered in particular by the former imam of Pantin (93), Ibrahim Abou Talha, dismissed after the assassination of history and geography professor Samuel Paty in October 2020.

The Pantin mosque had been closed for six months by the authorities after having relayed on its Facebook page a video of the father of the family who had accused the teacher of “discrimination” against his Muslim students for showing them caricatures of Muhammad.

Speakers with extreme words

Among the other speakers, there was also the preacher Youssef Abou Anas, accused at the end of 2016 by the authorities of calling for “discrimination and hatred, even violence against women, Jews and Christians.”

The Salafist quietist prayer room in Ecquevilly in the Yvelines, where he officiated as imam, had also been closed.

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