Tuesday, May 17

Shooting in Germany: what we know about the shooter

The author of a shooting on Monday in a lecture hall at the University of Heidelberg, which killed a young woman and injured three others, was an 18-year-old German science student, said the president of the local police .

According to a representative of the police, the shooter would have obtained his weapons “abroad”.

Investigators found “more than a hundred pieces of ammunition” in his backpack.

The perpetrator of the shooting did not have a license to carry a weapon, according to Siegfried Kollmar, chief of police of Mannheim, who stressed that he had acted alone and that he was not known to the services from police.

Motives still unknown

While the young man’s motives remain to be determined, investigators warned at a press conference that “first clues” showed that he suffered from “a long-standing mental illness”.

According to investigators, the killer sent a message on Whatsapp just before the shooting saying: “people must be punished now”, also expressing his wish for a funeral at sea, added the police chief.


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