Wednesday, May 18

Taliban on a visit to Norway reported to the police

One of the Taliban who is visiting Norway has reported to the police.

This is Anas Haqqani from the infamous Haqqani network.

“We have reported him to the police for war crimes and crimes against humanity,” media expert Zahir Athari told NRK

The meeting between the Taliban and the western world continues to stir emotions in Norway.

The delegation sent to the neighboring country includes Anas Haqqani, a member of the Islamist Haqqani network that was behind the terrorist attack on the Hotel Serena in the Afghan capital Kabul in 2008 where the Norwegian journalist Carsten Thomassen was killed.

He and the network have been behind the most deadly attacks on the civilian population in Afghanistan since 2001. It hurts that he comes to Norway as a respected guest instead of being handcuffed at the podium in the human rights court in The Hague, says the Norwegian-Afghan media expert Zahir Athari who has chosen to report Anas Haqqani to the police.

Taliban Anas Haqqani in his hotel room after arriving in Oslo on Saturday. On Sunday, he was reported to the police by Norwegian-Afghan Zahir Athari

The Prime Minister unknowingly

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, who himself was at the hotel during the attack, says he had no knowledge of who is part of the delegation.

– I was at Hotel Serena and it is always strong to hear that name (Haqqani) mentioned, but it is those who rule in Afghanistan now, he says and adds:

– I understand that there will be reactions. It is a movement that is far from us and our values, but we must start from the world as it is.

Anas Haqqani in picture from previous arrest.

“Several are wanted”

Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt says that Norway has not been able to influence which representatives the Taliban sent to Norway.

– We know that several of them are wanted. That is why they have come to Norway in the way they did, she says.

The Taliban’s visit has met with massive criticism in Norway. On Sunday, several politicians went out and protested against the government chartering a private plane to fly in its guests.

– Inviting them on a private flight to Norway is something more than just a dialogue. The dialogue could have been just as good if it had been carried out in Afghanistan or Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, without giving the Taliban the honor of coming up with a private plan for Norway, says Zahir Athari.

The Swedish government has not sent any representatives to the meeting with the Taliban and it is also not relevant to invite them to Sweden, says Minister for Development Aid Matilda Ernkrans (S) in P1-morgon.

– We do not support the self-proclaimed Taliban regime and we want to be very clear about that, she says.

Police are guarding the Soria Moria hotel where the meetings are being held.

The Taliban were allowed to take a chartered private plane to Oslo.

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