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Thierry Mugler: back on the metamorphosis of Cindy Sander

The interpreter of “Butterfly of light”, Cindy Sander, mourns the death of “her dad at heart”, Thierry Mugler, to whom she had become very close. The creator, who died this Sunday at the age of 73, had given the young woman a makeover after her release in 2008 from the tele-hook Nouvelle Star, which had earned her many mockeries.

“I discovered Cindy in Nouvelle Star. She gesticulated too much, she was overweight, badly choreographed, badly looked, but she didn’t deserve the wave of insulting attacks she received from the jurors. She reacted to it with confidence and serenity”, had confided Thierry Mugler in 2017 for Le Parisien, before adding: “And then she had pretty eyes, beautiful shoulders. I said to myself that there was something to do”.

The creator was actually full of praise for his protege. Thanks to his “sponsorship”, Cindy Sander turned into “Cindyrella”, as he nicknamed her. She started dieting and exercising, and lost around 40 kilos. In terms of singing, the young woman took lessons from coaches who taught her to “put her voice down”. In terms of appearance, she swapped her peroxide blonde curls for red hair.

Sure of the talent of his new muse, Manfred Thierry Mugler entrusted him from 2014 to 2016 with the leading role in “The Wyld”, a musical comedy with a budget of 10 million euros that he had created and staged in Berlin. A show which then met with immense success. In 2017, Mugler also produced a six-track album for Cindy. “I think she is the joyful, sincere, natural, light, healthy singer that France needs, enthused the creator. I like voices and personalities. Cindy has both. She proved it to me for two years.

“He bullied me”

“I have no words to thank him, I owe him so much. He changed my life, confides today the 43-year-old interpreter very affected by the disappearance of his mentor. He made me beautiful both inside and out, he gave me back my self-confidence. When all the doors closed, Manfred was the only one, forgive me that term, who had the balls to believe in me and give me a chance. When I first met him, I was a little country girl, chubby, my teeth weren’t super nice, neither was my skin… He spent a lot of money on me, offered the best coaches. He transformed me, he Muglerized me. He set me apart, as he was apart. He was a visionary and knew how to beautify women,” she says.

“Today my heart is heavy, you were my star, the one who believed in me when no one believed in it anymore, my heart dad”, wrote the singer this Monday on Instagram, in caption of a photo of and the designer.

“You have transformed me giving me an incredible chance to get on the most beautiful stage in Europe. You were my pillar. You have changed my life. And today you join the stars. I say a big thank you again. For all you have done for me. You will forever remain my star”, she still addressed to the deceased creator this Sunday.

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