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This specialized brand stops the sale of ball aquariums and anti-bark collars

A victory for the fight against animal abuse. The manufacturer of products for pets AgroBiothers announced on Friday January 21 the cessation of the marketing of many objects deemed “harmful” for animals.

The French company has opted for the end of the sale of certain objects that can lead to animal abuse, such as aquariums of less than 15 liters and swifts.

“Our policy is that 100% of our products guarantee animal welfare by 2023. We took the lead on aquariums without any pressure from NGOs because we knew that it was prohibited in other countries”, indicated Matthieu Lambeaux, the president of AgroBiothers.

The objective of the boss of this company is simple: “to be the pioneer in our market on animal welfare. The one who anticipates, thinks and drives changes in the market”.

Like the MaxiZoo brand, another major player in the pet market, AgroBiothers has also taken the decision to stop selling anti-bark collars, deemed “abusive” and “not secure enough” for individuals. , according to Matthieu Lambeaux.

A legislative delay

The various animal welfare associations have welcomed this decision, while deploring a legal delay in animal protection. “In France, we are behind in the legislative level for animals. It is thanks to consumers and companies that listen to consumers that we are going to make the animal cause evolve and that the abuse will stop”, detailed Muriel Arnal, the president of the One Voice association.

“Once again France is lagging behind! Since 2018, we have tried in vain to pass a bill to ban anti-bark collars while countries such as Denmark, Norway, Wales, Slovenia, Scotland, England, Austria, Germany… all have banned it for years (…) And what is shocking is that today there are veterinarians, professionals, who advise it. It’s proven mistreatment, ”analyzed Reha Hutin, president of the 30 million friends Foundation.

Christophe Marie, spokesperson for the Bardot Foundation, summarized the wish expressed by all the organizations defending animal rights, namely that this “approach by AgroBiothers lead to others and help to revise the regulations”.

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