Monday, May 16

Toulouse. After the “cannibal of the Pyrenees”, another patient from the psychiatric hospital escapes

According to our colleagues from The Midi Dispatch, this 48-year-old man escaped from the establishment late Sunday afternoon. Interned after a murder in 2010, the individual was described as “very dangerous” by the prefecture in its message to the police and gendarmes.

Found a few hours later

The patient was finally arrested a few hours after his escape, not far from the psychiatric hospital. No casualties were reported.

According to France Blue Occitania, quoting a hospital employee, the forties was “stabilized”, in “open area”. It presented no particular danger.

An investigation into the escape of Jérémy Rimbaud

Last Wednesday, a septuagenarian who was walking her dog in Toulouse was violently hit on the head with a wooden bar by Jérémy Rimbaud, known as the “cannibal of the Pyrenees”, who had also escaped from Gérard Marchant hospital. Passers-by intervened to subdue the attacker.

This man was interned in 2013 after killing a 90-year-old farmer before trying to burn him in Nouilhan, in the Hautes-Pyrénées. He had ripped out her heart and tongue and was preparing to eat them. Aged 26 at the time, a former soldier, he told investigators that he “heard voices”.

The Toulouse prosecutor’s office opened an investigation on Friday for “attempted murder” after the attack on the septuagenarian.

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