Monday, May 16

UK: Robot vacuum cleaner escapes hotel for nearly 24 hours

Like a desire for freedom. An autonomous robot vacuum cleaner belonging to a hotel near Cambridge (United Kingdom), escaped from the surveillance of employees. He was found 24 hours later, stuck in a hedge.

The events took place on January 20. While the device is supposed to turn around when it approaches the entrance, the latter “decided to run away”, told the assistant manager of the Travelodge hotel to the BBC.

The trail of the theft was quickly ruled out. Indeed, the robot is only compatible with the docking and charging station of the hotel.

Faced with this comical situation, the employees had fun with the escape of their robot colleague, triggering a humorous theory of an uprising of the machines. A scenario worthy of a Hollywood movie.

However, the device had not left to invade the world, since it was found the next day by a maintenance worker of the hotel, stuck in a hedge.

He has since been fired by his employer and placed on a shelf.

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