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Video: The incredible rescue of a dog using a drone and a sausage

A sausage suspended from a drone… Surprisingly, the method nevertheless recently saved a little dog in Hampshire, England. Stuck in the marshes for three days, she risked drowning.

It is “a crazy idea” implemented on January 16 by the rescue association Denmead Drone Search & Rescue, according to its president, Chris Taylor.

But she will have allowed little Millie, a 3-year-old jack russell-whippet dog, to leave the swamp where she had been trapped since January 13, after fleeing during a walk with her mistress.

Attracted by the smell of meat

Two days of combined efforts by the team, the coast guard, the police and the fire brigade were not enough, still says Chris Taylor au Guardian “The swamp was supposed to be flooded within hours, so we had to quickly launch a plan.”

The dog had to be rescued from the air: the rescuers therefore had the idea of ​​attaching a sausage to their drone to lure the animal to a more secure area.

“One of the local residents on the beach we were flying from provided us with the sausages,” cooked by his wife, described Chris Taylor. “We tied one with string.”

social media star

Unusually, in accordance with the regulations of the British Civil Aviation Authority, only one sausage at a time could be hooked to the drone.

Anyway, the method proved to be extremely effective: attracted by the smell, Millie followed the sausage and was able to be recovered safe and sound.

Widely shared on social networks, this rescue like no other has conquered internet users. “Looks like Millie is smiling with relief,” one of them responded.

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