Monday, May 23

What is the little ball above the 4-color pen for?

Mythical pen from the Bic brand, the “4 colors” has a design known to all that immediately sets it apart. In particular thanks to the white ball, solid or hollow, located at its top.

Created in 1970, this model, particularly appreciated by students for its practicality, was not designed that way by chance. This famous white ball thus has two main reasons for being.

The first is mainly related to design. This appendix is ​​indeed a nod to the brand’s logo, the famous “Bic man”, with his round head which is none other than a ballpoint pen.

But this white ball also has a concrete function, especially for those who use it to work. As the brand itself explains, it is particularly practical for activating the dial of old telephones, the most common at the time of the creation of the pen.

A Bic must-have, the 4-color pen has passed through the generations with the same design and the same colors: white at the top and blue at the bottom. Even if, over the years, other models, limited or not, have appeared.

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