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Berge after lost second drama: – The worst I have experienced

BRATISLAVA (VG) (Sweden-Norway 24-23) Norway led by six goals at most, but lost everything in the second half. Sander Sagosen shot outside on the last shot of the match. Thus, Sweden is in the semifinals.

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– The worst loss I have experienced, says Christian Berge to VG.

– It is rare to see a collapse like this, says Ole Erevik – TV3’s expert in Bratislava.

– I’m disappointed, pig disappointed. We were not great, but we had it. Then we lost momentum in the second half in match-decisive moments in a row, says the national team manager with minor in his voice.

Norway must therefore content itself with playing for 5th place in Budapest on Friday. A huge disappointment after Sagosen & co. approximately Sweden played out of the hall period before the break.

During the last six minutes, the Swedes won 5-0.

– Was it 5-0 in the end, Glenn Solberg asks before he takes a breath.

– That is impressive. Fantastic how we stand out. Lagmoral. The job that is being laid off is completely sick. Not least that we keep a cool head and that we have plans for the attacking game. I impressed. Very. very impressed, says Sweden’s Norwegian coach to VG.

– We burn on the goalkeeper and then we start to make mistakes on the counter completely on the buttocks. As their energy grows, Berge describes.

– I’m out of words right now. It is disappointing, says Sander Sagosen to VG after missing the last shot of the match.

– We have full control of the entire match, says Sagosen and believes the attacking game destroyed the semifinal place.

– In the second half, we just struggle to get that ball in goal. We will be calmer and play for better chances. The last 10 minutes we just tried to push our way through and were not patient enough, he describes after missing his last two shots in the match. He lost the duel with the Swedish defense chief Oscar Bergendahl for the last ball.

– The referee said it was 50/50. It was awkward. but we should not blame anyone but ourselves, he himself says.

The Norwegian players were very depressed after the match.

– Now I’m not feeling well, but it’s our own fault. We play a very bad second round, and then we invite them into the match, says captain Christian O’Sullivan to TV 3.

National team manager Christian Berge went for seven against six only in the last attack. It ended with Sander Sagosen blowing the ball over from eight meters.

– We have trained on this. I felt I had a good opportunity, but in retrospect Gullerud is free, says Sagosen about the last opportunity of the match.

Christian O’Sullivan lost the ball when Norway could take a simple counterattack six minutes before the end. Then the match could have been quickly decided with a five-goal lead.

– It’s simply too bad of me, O’Sullivan admits.

– It is a terrible time to make such a mistake, says expert Joachim Boldsen about the situation in TV 3 studio.

Many have wondered if this is national team manager Christian Berge’s last championship as manager of the Norwegian team. In that case, it was a very disappointing end.

– There will be some decisive mistakes out there. We made it difficult for ourselves. We were stressed and it became too much individually. We should be able to be colder than we are, national team manager Berge sums up to TV 3.

Last defense Sæverås started the match against Sweden with three saves on great Swedish chances. Albin Lagergren missed all of them.

– A real killer keeper! describes TV3 expert Kristian Kjelling about the 25-year-old from Oslo who lives daily in Leipzig, Germany.

Norway withstood the Swedish pressure with excellent defensive play. When Sweden received three expulsions in a row, the initiative was dressed in red, white and blue.

It was on the opposite side that the best handball was played. Kiel teammates Sander Sagosen (3 goals + 5 assists) and Harald Reinkind (4 goals + assists + penalties) dominated against a Swedish defense that was not bad either.

Norway led 14-9 at the break.

– But this is handball and there have been bigger miracles before. We believed we could turn the game around with a few small changes backwards and go sharper on goals going forward. Then we knew we could get the opportunity, says Glenn Solberg.

Then came the problems.

At the beginning of the second half, Torbjørn Bergerud came in. He was no sicker than he immediately saved a penalty and a 100 percent chance from his old teammates in Flensburg, Hampus Wanne and Jim Gottfridsson.

Sæverås came in again with a new big save. But Sweden raised the defensive game and Sebastian Barthold missed both penalties and from the left wing.

The Swedes were in shock.

Christian Berge timed out and Erik Toft charged the stock market and scored second goal 10 minutes into the second half. Sweden reduced to 16-14 and was definitely back in the game. when Jim Gottfridsson reduced to 18-17 in the middle of the round, the semi-final place was in danger.

Sagosen came in again. Norway continued to struggle with Christian O’Sullivan getting hammered in a new two-goal lead. Sweden goalkeeper Tobias Thulin saved and Sæverås responded with a new super save.

But Sagosen won Magnus Gullerud twice on the line and the heath marking was cash and narrowed the Norwegian three-goal lead eight minutes before the end.

Then O’Sullivan stole a ball in his own defense and made a solo score of the rare kind at this level. Norway was back in a four-goal lead that Sagosen secured with a new goal.

But Sweden showed morale and reduced to two goals with four minutes left before Gottfridsson and Wanne put all Norwegian nerves on edge with two goals. Thus a draw two minutes before the end.

Sagosen missed a shot the minute before the end and lost the return to Oscar Bergendahl. Sweden had the ball and Glenn Solberg took “time out” 45 seconds before the end. The Swedes made a plan. 18 seconds before the end, Bergendahl scored. It put Valter Chrintz in the net.

Berge gathered the team and put a plan with seven players on the field the last 11 seconds. Magnus Gullerud or Christian O’sullivan should have had the ball according to plan. But that was not the case.

Sander Sagosen missed from distance and Norway must play for 5th place in the WC.

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