Sunday, May 22

Burkina Faso: Emmanuel Macron “condemns the military coup”

Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday condemned the coup d’etat that took place the day before in Burkina Faso, where soldiers announced that they had ousted the head of state Roch Marc Christian Kaboré from power.

“Very clearly, as always, we are alongside the regional organization that is ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) in condemning this military coup,” he said. declared during his trip to Haute-Vienne. He recalled that President Kaboré “had been elected democratically by his people twice”.

Uniformed soldiers announced Monday on Burkinabè public television that they had seized power in the country and ousted President Kaboré. Enough to plunge the country into a new crisis, when it is already destabilized by incessant jihadist attacks.

On the former president’s Twitter account, public television RTB published a handwritten letter signed by him in which he indicates “to submit his resignation (…), in the best interests of the nation, following the events that have taken place. have been taking place there” since Sunday.

A country already shaken by Islamist terrorism

“I was told that his physical integrity was not threatened,” assured Emmanuel Macron, specifying a little later: “it was confirmed to me last night that he was in good health and that he was not threatened”, and asking that this information be “officially confirmed to him in the next few hours”.

The French president deplored a putsch which “is part of a succession of several military coups which are extremely worrying, at a time when the (Sahelian) region must have a priority, which is the fight against Islamist terrorism”.

“There is nothing that leads to think today (…) that there are today additional troubles or threats for our nationals”, he however nuanced, adding that if the situation had to evolve, France would take “all the necessary measures”.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights called for the “immediate release” of the Burkinabe president “as well as other senior officials who have been arrested”.

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