Friday, May 20

Celebrities. Jean-Pierre Pernaut victim of four “mini-strokes” since the beginning of the year

Rumors about the deteriorated state of health of Jean-Pierre Pernaut had been circulating since the end of December … His wife, Nathalie Marquay, confirmed them Monday evening on C8: the former presenter of 1 p.m. of TF1, who left his chair in December 2020 to hand over to Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, has had four “mini-strokes” since the beginning of January.

If he is cured of prostate cancer, the Picard is now fighting against lung cancer. His wife, columnist at Cyril Hanouna, took advantage of the passage of the controversial Didier Raoult in “Touche pas à mon poste” to express her doubts concerning the adverse effects of the vaccine against Covid-19. “Jean-Pierre has given me 4 mini-strokes since he had this vaccine,” she said, speaking of the third dose received by her 71-year-old husband.

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The journalist is currently hospitalized

“And when I’m in the hospital, and I tell the doctors, it’s still weird because we can’t find, we do all the tests possible on Jean-Pierre to find where these mini- AVC, and we do not find. And at the hospital when I say that since he had this vaccine, eight days later he did that, I ask is there a connection with the vaccine? And them immediately they tell me no, no, no, absolutely not, when it should be said “continued the ex-Miss France, who also mentioned the case of her father, affected by Zona eight days after his last dose.

According to our information, the journalist has currently been hospitalized for several days in a state of health considered worrying. The TF1 channel told us that it would not communicate on the subject “because it is in the domain of the private sphere”, and that it was unlikely that the man who was elected on several occasions “favorite personality of the French” speak immediately.

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